Tina Seitzinger is a stay-at-home mom who traded the corporate world to host play dates and go on exciting day adventures with her two boys. Tina believes that each day brings a new opportunity for an adventure that can be spontaneous and inexpensive. She also dishes about her family and experiences on her personal blog, www.lifewithoutpink.com

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A Trip To The Theater

Something I love to do with my boys is take them to the children’s theater.  It’s a perfect day to spend together. The kids always have a blast and they become captivated by the characters, music and the scenery.

My four year old is pretty well behaved but my one year is another story.  He usually doesn’t like to sit down for more than five minutes at a time and I was pretty hesitate in bringing him.

Thankfully our local theater really encourages the children to move freely and interactive with one another.  They have a blast dancing in the aisles and imitating the characters.

Musicals are a must for us! If you have a toddler that is definitely the way to go.  Just when I see my one year old getting restless a song will come on and he will instantly start dancing and shaking his little body.

There are a few tips I have learned to make visiting the theater a bit easier:

1. Bring Snacks; My little guy loves to eat so as long as he has a snack in hand he is happy. Sometimes kids can become cranky and fidgety when they are hungry, so come prepared. Remember to check with your local theater’s snack and beverage guidelines.

2. Pre-order Tickets; When there is a popular musical playing at our theater the ticket line tends to be very long and in our case outside! I now order my tickets on-line to prevent us from having to wait in line. We can go directly in the theater and right to our seats. Kids are happy which means mama is happy!

3. Bring a Camera; Who wants to miss seeing their children’s happy faces when they are dancing around in the aisles? Our theater allows parents and children to visit with the characters after the performance. Perfect photo opp!

4. Sit Up Front; Your children are more likely to stay awake and entertained if they are close enough to see the characters and props. Sitting too from the stage and they can feel disconnected from the characters and storyline.

Theater is a perfect way to introduce to your children stories, imagination and the love for the arts.

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