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Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Now that the weather is nice, I am finding that the boys and I are spending most of our days outside in our backyard.  The other day we had such a great time splashing in the baby pool, playing on our new swing set and even had a little picnic on the lawn.  It’s not even officially summer yet and already I made one huge mistake.

I forgot to apply the sunscreen!

Yes can you believe it!  I even had the bottle with me on the patio to put on my little guys but then we got playing and it slipped my mind.

I put their pool underneath the trees away from the sun, but unfortunately my four year old still got a little sunburn on his shoulders and back. I had to listen to him say how bad it hurt for two days and it broke my heart!  I learned a huge lesson NEVER forget the sunscreen.

Children’s skin is more sensitive and delicate than adult skin and can burn very easily. It’s important for adults to be in control and take steps to help protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Here are a few preventative steps to take so that you don’t experience your child getting a sunburn like I did:

1. Apply before leaving the house Now when I get the boys changed in the morning I made it apart of our routine to apply sunscreen to their entire body.  This ensures that they have one even layer on their skin before leaving the house. Don’t forget the ears, feet, hands and back of the neck – areas that are often overlooked.

2. Reapply every hour or two It is important to keep reapplying sunscreen especially if your children are outside sweating or swimming.  I now make it a point every hour to reapply especially to those overlooked areas I mentioned above.

3. Limit Outdoor Time Rays are most harmful between 10am – 4pm and it is important to avoid unnecessary exposure when the sun is the strongest. Try going out early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the worse part of the day. Even shady areas can be dangerous because of reflected light – take it from me I know first hand.

4. Stay hydrated Kids often will not stop and take breaks to rehydrate and it is really important in keeping them safe in the heat.  Make sure they are drinking water or juice at least every 1/2 hour to hour especially when it is extremely hot outside.

5. Cover up UV rays can perforate right through clothing and hats. Avoid this by wearing SPF or UPF rated clothing such as hats, bathing suits, rash guard shirts and sunglasses.  This will help protect their skin and eyes against the dangerous sun rays while being outside.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to increase your family’s activity level but before you leave the house make sure to follow the steps above to ensure a fun, relaxing and safe day in the sun!

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