Tina Seitzinger is a stay-at-home mom who traded the corporate world to host play dates and go on exciting day adventures with her two boys. Tina believes that each day brings a new opportunity for an adventure that can be spontaneous and inexpensive. She also dishes about her family and experiences on her personal blog, www.lifewithoutpink.com

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Schools Out Now What?

This was the first year my son was in preschool. I have to admit it was nice having him in school two days a week and now that it is coming to an end I have mixed emotions.

On one hand, I am excited for a more relaxed schedule and the little day adventures that we get to take.  But on the other hand I think, “How relaxed will I be when the kids start getting bored and start asking what we are doing each day?”

It does get tiring and not to mention costly to take the kids out on a weekly basis, so I started brainstorming ways I could turn our backyard into a new adventure for them.

Here are a few ideas I came up with:

1. Backyard Campout; This year we will be throwing our first Annual Backyard Campout and we hope that it will become a tradition that everyone looks forward to each year.  Kids love to help pitch a tent no matter where they are and it becomes an exciting little adventure for them.  We plan on roasting marshmallows, playing flashlight tag and singing songs around the campfire.  The best part is if anyone has a hard time sleeping in their tent or needs to use the restroom the house is only a few feet away!

2. Drive-in Movie; As a little girl I loved going to outdoor films, it was always such a treat! Now with modern technology you can bring the outdoor film to your home. The easiest way is with a laptop, projector and either PC-powered speakers or an adapter that plays music through your car radio.  Stretch a white sheet over your garage door, set the projector up on a table and let the kids veg out in the back of the car while they chow down on popcorn.  If you have a minivan or a pick up truck, you can turn the car around so the kids can lay down and get comfy while watching their favorite movie.

3. Backyard Mini Golf; My son loves to miniature golf and this year we plan on having him help us design his own course in the backyard by using every day household materials.  Lay old pipe or a roll of wire on its side for tunnels, stick flowerpots in holes marked by stickers with paper flags to catch the balls {or weight down paper cups to act as the hole} and create water hazards by burying plastic buckets and filling them with water. There is endless ideas that could make a day in the backyard lots of fun!

4. Art Projects; At your next play date turn your backyard into a fun art studio. Set up cardboard boxes throughout the yard and let the kids decorate them with glitter, glue, crayons, markers, stickers and finger paints.  It is fun to see the designs they come up with and it will keep them busy for hours!

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